Diving into

"Born into a world of so many contemplations, finding paths and making sense of what is or what is not. Simply trying to understand the vital meaning of what emotions really are. Social conditioning has the capability to reinvent humanity. Deep down I recognized I did not align with these social dynamics. Once I understood that I can break free from the old ways, I was able to release my flow of deep-set awakenings onto my canvas, the best I knew how.

I am simply enticed by how individuals react to life. These feelings change my entire being in the making of who I’ve become. The more I’m engulfed in these shifts in perceptions, the more I unfold and eliminate unnecessary aspects in the process. I am not the same person I was, yet, in a constant state of evolving and transforming. The journey of fragmenting, examining, questioning, and fading into the process of letting go into my world of creating these emotions.

I have always looked at vulnerabilities, as pure expression of unfathomable rooted emotions, diving into intangibilities and discovering the unique colorful realms and dark tensions. The mere physical beings, “the outer layer” deception of flesh to the eyes. These moments of connections are what become my paintings. Exactly what ignites my being in front of my canvas."

Mary Yamine